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Admin August 26, 2017

Enjoy that new smart watch, phone or car you got for Christmas because soon it’ll be outdated. Some cool new gadgets came into our homes in 2014, but with technology rapidly increasing and improving, 2015 will quickly bring new gadgets to replace them. Here are the top eight gadgets and innovations that are anticipated to […]

Admin August 26, 2017

Stand alone software is not the need of the hour for any developers. There are endless things that a developer need now to develop their applications. Now calling such application into action every time is not only time consuming, but is also rigorous and massive task. You will have to make the application really a […]

Admin July 24, 2017

Making payments online is no longer akin to a walk on eggshells, fraught with worry over whether you are inadvertently laying yourself open to cheating and nightmares about waking up one morning to discover that you account has been drained of your life’s savings. New technology has put safeguards in place to ensure that online […]

Admin June 29, 2017

So you have an excellent idea for an Android Application and thinking of creating a great Android App. But the thing is that the idea or concept of an App contributes only 50% of the App’s success, whereas the execution remains the key for the other 50%. So you need to be creative and technically […]