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Whether you work in technology or not, you should have an understanding of it to troubleshoot and use it more effectively. Here are three ways you can expand your knowledge.


The first way you can learn more about technology is by going online. The internet is a great resource for those wanting to learn more about tech. You can watch videos, listen to podcasts, attend webinars, and more. There are hundreds of online magazines, communities, and websites devoted to the subject and you can benefit from their blog articles and information.

Online communities can also provide a great peer communication outlet. You can participate in web forums and chat rooms where you can give and ask for advice about a particular subject. You can also go to the manufacturer’s website. For example, if you have a Dell system, you can go to the resale website or Dell’s home site to find Dell Optiplex 7010 specs.

In Person

Secondly, you can learn about technology by attending some local classes or presentations. See if your chamber of commerce has any resources for small businesses, or ask about a peer mentoring program. This can be a great way to learn and give you a local contact for follow up questions.  

If you want to learn in a specific area you can always audit a class at your local college. Just be sure you sign up for the first class in the series and you don’t jump into the deep end with a software or program lecture.


You will be your own best advocate when it comes to increasing your technology knowledge. Learning more about electronics can seem daunting, but there are several good reasons that you should. By knowing more about the tech you use you can become a leader at your place of business, reduce the need to pay for IT support, and be able to use your software or program more efficiently. As the trend in industry is to rely more on technology and not less, you help secure your career outlook and ensure that you are employable in the future as well as the present. You can rent books from libraries, study manufacturer inserts for your Dell Optiplex 7010 specs, or attend a class at your local library. Whatever you choose to do to further your education in this area, you could be very glad you did.

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