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As we settle into more of the 21st century, it’s not so much news that new technologies seem to be created almost every day. Rather it’s that these new technologies are converging with other spectacular technologies to raise the quality of life across the globe in amazing ways.

 One less known technology that enables an entire host of technologies are the amazing industrial cooling systems chillers. These industrial chillers are bringing breakthrough technologies to the fore in medical applications, food and packaging, transportation, and even laser technologies in manufacturing systems. Through the science of thermodynamics these chillers are able to bring materials and equipment to extremely low temperatures for optimal performance.

 This includes cooling jet fuel to avoid combustion, or highly energy-efficient cooling systems for hi-rise buildings. Because of these chillers, scientific research can be conduct with ease where the speeds of chemical compounds need to be slowed in cold temperatures so they can be studied. In manufacturing processes materials can be cooled almost instantaneously for more efficient construction.

 Specific Applications

 In medicine, industrial cooling systems chillers are standard now in MRI machines. The chillers cool the superconducting magnets as well as the compressors for more precise imaging. This allows for almost perfectly quiet operation and a better experience for patients. The chillers are also used in CT scanning and x-ray machines to allow for more precise imaging as well.

 In food and packaging manufacturing, chillers are used in all kinds of applications to form plastics to a variety of shapes and sizes. After heat is used to expand and shape the plastic on blow molding machines, the chillers cool the packaging configuration where they are set to their needed form. In food and packaging, the chillers are also used on actuators, film lines and converting machines, and cutting stations.

 In laser technologies industrial laser chillers are often used for the cooling of resonators, optics, and laser heads. One specific application is the laser cutting of airbags for cars and trucks where the CO2 laser needs to be cooled.

 Tailor-Made Solutions

 On the business-side of things, these industrial cooling systems chillers are designed as tailor-made solutions to be highly energy efficient, reducing their cost of operation. Based on the company that supplies the industrial cooling systems chiller, the chiller can be customized to the specific research, medical, laser, or food and packaging, or manufacturing applications.

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