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A headshot is prepared for commercial or business purpose. No matter what your wear, the photographs will only cover your face and shoulder. The right size of a headshot is 10×8 portraits. In UK, generally models use B&W headshots, but in the US, it is a coloured headshot. Hence, it is the job of the person to let their photographer know the purpose of headshot taken, so that they can edit it with photo editing software accordingly.

There are various kinds of headshots that are used by public –

  • Commercial headshots are smiling and friendly.
  • Theatrical headshots aren’t fake, but they project serious and focussed actors.
  • Studio headshots have artificial background where the studio lights are adjusted to make it more appealing and brighter.
  • Natural headshots are taken close to nature in outside natural light.
  • Modelling headshots are coloured photographs which closely focus on the looks and complexion of the person for modelling purpose.

One should not get impressed with the appearance of a model in the headshot, because it isn’t the original portion that is reflected. Although a lot of effort is made to make it look realistic, but to make a place in the commercial or modelling industry a lot of effort is put through photo editing software. A good headshot that has been edited well will not look fake or artificial, but will accurately show off a person’s hairstyle, passionate look in eyes and face as well as current weight.

That is why it is said that only taking a headshot doesn’t solve the purpose. A lot of editing is required with a good photo editing software. Even in businesses, where entrepreneurs use their headshots for commercial purpose, or for banners and hoardings, they put special attention to the way they look.

A lot of effort is made on their appearance which includes their make-up and addressing style. Even after that, photographers use photo editing software to increase the quality of photograph further more. You can check the feature of the photo editing software at

Nowadays, there are so many apps and photo editing software available online that can be used personally to make changes to photographs. Here are the techniques to edit headshots –

  • The initial step is cropping which cuts out unnecessary parts of photographs and focuses on the main object in it.
  • To make your image the centre of photograph you need to use rule of thirds, where nine large boxes are made on your photograph and you need to divide your photograph in those nine squares and move the main object of photograph to the corner of the middle square with easy photo editing software.
  • Once you have set the position of your image, then you need to contrast the background colour compared to your image. You can brighten the background if it is dull and remove grey and dark colours by lightening it further.
  • Clone tool in a photo editing software is the important section of editing which can remove stray hair, scars and other things that aren’t required in the image. It helps in lightening your complexion and removing unwanted spots from your face.

You need to have excessive patience while working on a headshot. Select a photographer who knows how to choose nice lights in the background and locations.

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