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When we talk of success in business, we often frame it in terms of uniqueness. A successful business leader “unique” and that is why they are a success. Paul Gravette businesses are a good example of that, but also, much of their success is due to some common leadership qualities shared by almost everyone who is successful. Here is a summary of what those are.


Have you ever talked to a person who was oblivious regarding how they came across? Usually, that type of person, if they are successful, is lucky more than anything else. A lack of self-awareness makes it very hard for a person to understand their surroundings, co-workers, customers or competitors. Self-awareness helps frame how a person acts and thus, how they are perceived. Good leaders are not overly worried about how they are perceived, but they are aware of how their presentation of themselves helps or hurts the pursuit of their goals.


Being able to objectively assess your performance, skills, smarts, etc. is also a key to effective leadership. Periodically assessing strengths and weaknesses helps establish areas that help is needed to succeed. Knowing a weakness going in makes it easier to ask for help and to delegate when it is needed to ensure success.


Another skill good leaders possess is perceptiveness. They can sense when members of their team are enthusiastically on board with their ideas, when they are hesitant and when they are opposed. They are not afraid to ask for feedback from co-workers and use any critique to grow positively. Being able to be open and frank with their team members allows them to improve and to marshal support even if not every team member is completely persuaded.


Their perceptiveness also allows them to intuitively know the needs of their team. When asked for support, for example, a Paul Gravette business quickly assesses the need and comes up with a solution that helps move the team forward. An effective manager also knows how to respond to conflict within the team and can keep the dialogue open and honest while also being effective.

Well Prepared

Like a good professional sports team coach or manager, a good business leader understands the game and the competition. They also understand each team member’s strengths and weaknesses and tries to put them in a position where they can succeed. This takes a lot of preparation and training, but when the time comes the team is ready for “game day.”

Throughout his career, Paul Gravette businesses have thrived because of Paul’s leadership abilities. Mastering all these skills have made him and his businesses exceptionally successful and effective.

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