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Your domain name is your online identity, so it’s vital to choose the right one for your business needs. The name should reflect your company, make it easy for your customers to find it, and facilitate promotion. Use these tips to select the perfect name for your domain.

Keep It Simple

The key to a good domain name is simplicity. It should be short, easy to type, and uncomplicated. Slang words and words with multiple spellings can make it more difficult for customers to type in and find your site. Long, complex domain names increase the risk of typos with visitors. Numbers and hyphens can also lead to misunderstandings as your customers may misplace a dash or spell out the number instead of using the numeral. When it comes to domain hosting, the shorter and simpler the name, the better off you’ll be.

Include Keywords

If you cannot get your exact business name as your domain or you simply want to boost your SEO, consider including relevant keywords in the name. These keywords should be related to your industry and the services you provide. For example, if you run a window washing business, you can register the domain name This will make it easy for your customers and help drive traffic from search engines to your site. You can also include geographical keywords if your business operates locally. If your business provides window washing services in Connecticut, you can make your domain

Select a Memorable Name

Never underestimate the value of a catchy and memorable domain name. You want to choose something that will be easy for your current customers to remember and catchy enough to draw in new customers. Take your time and do some serious brainstorming before settling on a domain.

Do Your Research

Before buying the domain name, be sure to do your research. Ensure it is not trademarked, copyrighted, or currently being used by another company. Failing to do so can cause all sorts of legal trouble, costing you thousands and your domain name.

Choose the Right Extension

An extension is a suffix at the end of the address like .com or .org. The .com extension is the most popular, though this can make it difficult to obtain your desired domain with this suffix. Luckily, there are tons of other extensions to choose from that will allow you to use your simple and catchy domain name. Instead of .com, consider using .info, .biz, .me, .net, etc. for your domain hosting.

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