Admin August 30, 2018

Good for Public Safety

There are some problems that can come from garbage staying in the streets. It may not seem like trash in the streets would be a big deal, but it can cause some issues in the community. Luckily, San Francisco street sweepers can help remove the debris and the damage that could come with it.

Safer to Drive

Drivers would definitely benefit from street sweepers getting rid of the garbage. Even just trash being left in a parking lot can get in someone’s way, which could lead to more problems. If someone doesn’t see some trash that’s been left out they could run over it and damage their car or even skid into someone else’s.

Good Way to Deal with Storm Drains

If storm drains were blocked when a storm starts that could cause a dangerous problem. If a San Francisco street sweeper could clean up that debris that could prevent some flooding in the future. Even rain on a normal day could be bad for someone that lives near the storm drain.

Prevents the Growth of Algae

Debris like grass or hedge trimmings in the water could actually lead to the growth of algae. If this algae got in the water supply that could be a big problem for anyone that drank or used that water. But a street sweeper could clean that up before it became a health issue.

Pets Won’t Pick up Garbage

Trash being left in the streets can affect animals just as much as people. Animals may pick up the trash they find outside which could end up being bad for them. They could get into food that had gone bad or would be bad for them. San Francisco street sweepers could help prevent people’s pets from getting hurt.

Makes the Wetlands Safer

Aside from the trash being left on the streets, the trash could rundown to nearby wetlands, which would affect the environment there. This could make it an unsuitable area for the animals or plant life. It could even make the area less attractive, which would have a negative impact on property values.

Makes the Area Look Better

Having too much trash in the area just doesn’t make it look good. In the city, people may not want to come to visit if there’s always trash everywhere. And again, if the place doesn’t look so good that can lower property values. But San Francisco street sweepers will be able to keep the streets looking their best.

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