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Names like WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Joomla, Weebly and Wix will sound strange to average business owners. Website building process bring these names in your life because all these are platforms employed to create websites. Everyone has their own advantages, while several platforms are used for building niche websites for particular reason.

For example, Shopify is not a platform to start a blog and later turn it into an Ecommerce store but it helps to run an online store. All of the platforms are wonderful but suitable for people with specific skill levels but WordPress amongst them is extremely popular to build websites. Let’s learn why you need to use WordPress over each other platforms available and the different kinds of sites you can create with this tool.

Reasons to use WordPress for your project

  • WordPress is open source and free
  • It is flexible allowing you design any kind of website
  • Numerous media types like audio, video, documents and images are supported
  • Easy to learn
  • Has huge community
  • It is scalable, so you can expand using themes and plugins
  • SEO compliance
  • No technical know-how is necessary to manage it
  • You gain total control of your site
  • Blogging is best for business

WordPress is for blog building only – Common misconception

Actually, in the start WordPress was designed as blogging platform. This has drastically changed over the years with new releases. Even today, it is the cleanest and fast way to create and publish blog posts, which is included from the start. Several web designing platforms consider apps and design first and blogging interface comes later. With WordPress you can create different kinds of websites and know that blog is also an essential part of the development process.

Create different types of websites using WordPress

Personal website or blog

WordPress started as blogging platform. It rapidly developed into powerful Content Management System. However, in the last 15 years, blogs and personal WordPress websites have not disappeared. On the other hand, they became more mature, sophisticated, and polished.

Business website

WordPress is so powerful that several big brands are employing it to influence their websites. It is an easy way to create professional business website. The tools offered are simple, which allow you to launch website quickly and later it can be extended with growth in business.


WP is rapidly becoming popular solution to build ecommerce websites. Some awesome plugins are available, which help to transform WP website into totally functional ecommerce store. You can manage inventory, accept payments, and handle shipping, customers, and taxes from this same roof.

Other types of WordPress sites

  • Question & answer site
  • Business Directory
  • Job Boards
  • Chat-rooms
  • Galleries
  • Wikis
  • Auction & coupon sites
  • Non-profit websites
  • Media centric sites
  • Photographic websites
  • School/college sites
  • Membership sites and more

WordPress has SEO built in the platform. Meta descriptions and title tags get generated automatically. It allows search engines to identify your content, get you indexed, and possibly move your ranking up.

Uncommon tactics you can apply within your WP website –

  • News Portal
  • Real estate management
  • Manage appointment scheduling
  • Invoicing system
  • Event management system
  • Project management system
  • Forum
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Social networking

You can see why WordPress is followed strongly all around the world. Besides maintaining complete website control, you can reap the benefits from themes, plugins, full media support and free tools.

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