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Savannah, GA is one of those places that has a lot to offer any day of the week, in any weather or time of year. Even on days when the weather is an issue, there is so much to do that you and your family will hardly notice the lack of outside activities. From museums, downtown shops and restaurants, sporting events, even exploring the amazing food near Savannah, there is never a lack of something to do. Here are a few suggestions for if your trip is interrupted by inclement weather.


There are over a dozen museums in Savannah proper and many more in the surrounding areas of Georgia and South Carolina. From a celebration of American and Japanese art to Civil Rights commemorations and of course, plenty to do with the American Civil War, Savannah is filled with opportunities to learn about history, culture, entertainment, Savannah culture and much more.


Savannah is known for its downtown shops and eclectic wares that capture the southern culture. It is also known for world-class shopping in any one of several malls in the City and surrounding vicinity. If shopping is your thing, you can find some shop or store selling just about anything in this picturesque city or its neighbors.

Food, Food, Food

Savannah has mastered southern cooking, but also excels in the cuisine of just about every other region of the world. Within the City, there are several options, including food tours that let you sample the best in culinary excellence that Savannah has to offer. The food near Savannah is no different, ranging from Japanese steakhouses to seafood to traditional American fare, offered by privately owned restaurants, chain eating establishments and food courts located in shopping centers. You cannot go wrong if you spend a rainy day in Savannah or the neighboring towns exploring the regions culinary delights.

 Cultural Tours

Savannah is known for its culture, poise and history. It is also known for hits dedication to the arts and eclectic local flavor. Entire books have been written about Savannah culture and more than a few movies have featured the unique aspects of this charming city. That has created a wealth of opportunity for tours that focus exclusively on Savannah history and culture and most of them are veritably weatherproof.

Savannah is a George and national treasure that offers something for everyone. Even during rough weather, a full day of exploring can yield hidden treasures from fascinating museums to food near Savannah that is second to none. If you are here and it is raining, with a little imagination, your fun has only just begun.

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