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When a business owner focusses on expanding their business, then credit control duties are not a very rewarding or enjoyable task. A more beneficial approach would be to outsource such business activities to experienced debt collection agencies. There are several benefits that a business can get by outsourcing credit control.

Aids in maintaining good work relations:

No one likes to be chased for payment. It not just seems to be embarrassing but also weird for both parties involved in the debt collection process. Using a 3rd party implies that you will maintain a good work relationship with your client while enabling them to go after the money you are payable.

Provides more amount of time:

When you outsource your debt collection task to a third party, you get more time to chase your clients on expanding your business. This will give peace of mind that someone is there chasing your invoices. By outsourcing your debt collection, all tasks will be handled by a highly experienced team of debt collectors and professionals.

Maximize your revenue:

A poor debt collection or credit control system sends a message to customers that collection of debt from you is not a priority for a business. With a systematic credit control system, you are lowering your possibilities to write off “bad debt”. By mentioning overdue cases in the initial years to a debt collection firm, implies that you maximize the possibilities of acquiring your money.

Offers flexibility:

Some of the debtors may be struggling to pay the bill. A recognized debt collection firm will have a team of highly experienced professionals to deal with such cases. They will arrange an EMI payment plan which would be agreed by your business. They will provide all the details, payment methods and forward the debt amount at the completion of every month. All this will happen so effortlessly without you being involved at all!

Advantage from professional resources:

Most of the recognized debt collection firms will provide debt collection and additional services. Judgment searches and tracing are sometimes important when working with borrowers who have disappeared or you require to evaluate whether it is worth taking a borrower to court. With the assistance of a debt recovery firm, you can have all the needed resources at your fingertips!

When finding a debt recovery firm, it is important to always go for the one that works on a “No Recovery and No fee” assurance. You need to make sure that there is no joining fee, minimum debt rules or hidden charges.

If all your debts come under the “Consumer Credit Act 1974”, then you must ensure that the debt collection firm is registered with the “Financial Conduct Authority”. Registration with the industry professional body “CSA” is a good sign of professionalism. It implies that they will protect your reputation and work to the highest possible ethical standards.


Outsourcing the procedure of outstanding debt collection is not just effective but also makes good business sense. Assistance of loan collection agencies is proved to be effective in enhancing bad loans recovery and collection efficiency.

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