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Enhancing the security of your industrial network has become a necessity in today’s era. You need to keep your security system up to date with the latest technology to prevent it from cyber-attacks.

First, you need to figure out, if your industrial network use devices such as programmable logic controllers and distributed control systems or it have been connected to the company’s network and linked with ethernet.

Besides other industrial internet of things high priority should be on the security. It allows for better manufacturing standards, by enabling the gaining accessibility of far greater amounts of data, at faster speed. Several factors must be kept in mind while securing the network, like:

  • Environment
  • Staff skills
  • Priorities
  • Protocols

Depending upon these factors, here are the following tips to secure your industrial network:

Select industrial components

The quality of your components matters a lot. You need to make sure that the cabling, cabinets and all other equipment are of superior quality, having high mean time between failure (MTBF) ratings.

Train the staff

For effective cybersecurity, a well-trained staff is a necessity. The efficiency of the program depends a lot on the staff. Here’s how the staff can be well maintained:

  • Distinctly define the responsibilities of the various persons
  • Provide extra attention to the systems that carry sensitive information and require additional protection
  • Set up a vigorous risk management process
  • Build up an effective configuration management process

Stay connected and integrate with industrial network management systems

There are several Information Sharing and Analysis Centres (ISACs) for various industries. The ISACs provide you with alerts to keep you up to date on the present security issues. Staying connected enables the industries to stay informed and connected with the changing cyber-security norms.

Integrating into the industrial management system is evaluative for the support as well as the security event monitoring. The use of such a system will enable you to detect any unusual activity which couldn’t have been detected by the autonomous industry.

Deploy firewalls to secure protocols

The firewalls can be optimized to secure SCADA protocols like OPC and Modbus, instead do the basic emails. The email messages have no importance on the plant floor system. It is simply a waste of cost to deploy products to inspect these web messages and emails, as they have no place in the system.

Practice defence in depth with zone-level security

Every zone devices should have its own firewall for the protection, and it should be within the plant network firewall perimeter. A separate firewall can be deployed directly into the live plant network without any risk to its operator. The networks should be systematically classified and labelled as per the standards of ISA IEC 62443.

Focus your efforts

Every control system will have some or other assets that would harm the production, but the assets are aggressively protected, the chance of a cyber attack can be minimized. You must know what really matters and put in your efforts accordingly, thereby saving your industry.


The cybersecurity attacks can lead to a massive loss of information and result in loss for the companies. It is the need of the hour to protect the industrial network from the cybersecurity attacks and if one follows the tips mentioned above, he/she can drastically reduce the chances of a cyber incident.

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