Admin October 17, 2017

With the continued growth of online education over the past ten years, it’s not surprising to see a plethora of new platforms emerging to provide educational opportunities for the working professional. Platforms such as Coursera and EDx have been making significant headway in the MOOC-category (Massive Open Online Course), which follows the traditional collegiate model of weekly lectures and assignments. However, new skill specific technology-based education platforms are emerging as well, giving higher education even more of a run for its money.

One of those platforms, Udemy, has been growing its course catalogue significantly, offering online courses taught by independent professors around the world on a revenue-share model. The success of the platform has garnered interest from the investment community as well, as Udemy recently closed on its $65 million Series D round led by Stripes Group out of NYC.

Its students are getting their respective laudations as well. Featured student and entrepreneur John Anthony Radosta of Advanced Sports Technology and Harsh Raj of Purple Squirrel Eduventures represent Udemy student success stories spanning the entire globe, as according to their stories, each encountered their own difficulty when seeking to further their professional knowledge while balancing an already full-time career.

Some of the top educational institutions around the country have responded in kind to this technology-based educational revolution. Harvard Business School announced the release of its new HBX CORe, essentially dubbed as the “pre-MBA” online program that students received both course credit and a ‘certificate of readiness’ upon completion of the program. With the brick-and-mortar model of retail being challenged by online retailers such as Amazon and Ebay, it’s not surprising the the old style brick-and-mortar university of yester year is now being challenged by remotely accessible online alternatives.

How do you feel about the online education revolution taking place?

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