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The development of the iPhone revolutionised the mobile phone market. The ability to communicate, connect seamlessly to the web, and use a myriad of applications has spawned an immense aftermarket industry of covers, cases, Bluetooth devices, and many other attractive accessories.

Perhaps the one area that represents this explosive growth more than any other is in the phone case market. Whether you are looking for an iPhone 6 Plus case that is official, or one that has been custom designed by a boutique online store, a wide range of cases are available from an equally wide range of vendors, both online and offline.

The Case for a Better Smartphone Case

Alongside the disruption that the mobile phone has introduced into our lives, we have also witnessed the explosive growth of the mobile phone accessories market. One would not have thought even five year ago that the humble phone case would spawn such diversity, but the aftermarket options truly exhibit the variety in this area.

Consider just some of the different styles of smartphone cases available:

Tough and durable: For those customers looking for a tougher case, there are quite a number of options, including cases made of military grade materials. To protect from falls and rough treatment, these cases typically include reinforced corner protection and a tough skeleton.

Aesthetic: Perhaps one of the most popular smartphone case choices are the products that feature custom designs, colourful and bold patterns, and unusual prints. In fact, there have even been rare cases produced that are diamond encrusted. There is literally a smartphone case design to suit every taste, and if that is not enough, one can even have their own design custom printed at a variety of online stores.

Enhanced functionality: Phone cases have really come a long way since the early days. No longer are they just simple covers. Many modern smartphone cases incorporate additional technologies, including small Bluetooth keyboards, an extra battery, good quality Bluetooth speakers, and even attachments for a tripod and photo lenses.

Future Trends in Technology

As smartphones have become more widely available and more affordable, we have seen the third party accessory aftermarket grow immensely, but what does the future hold?

In recent years, software developers have driven innovations in the smartphone market. The convergence of location and tracking technologies and applications has produced a wide variety of new approaches to software design. This has disrupted a wide variety of traditional markets, including the taxi industry, the dating and personal connections industry, and the arts and crafts market.

Quite possibly the most exciting and cutting edge developments are in the wearables market. Connected devices like the Fitbit and the Apple Watch represent a glimpse of things to come in the very near future. As multiple technologies continue to converge, our lifestyles will effectively become part of a seamless whole, and the days when smartphones were just a dream will seem a different world.

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